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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions our clients are concerned about before filing for personal or business bankruptcy.

Will everyone know I have filed for bankruptcy?

No, bankruptcies are not published in any newspapers or online.

Will I lose everything I have?

No, under the bankruptcy code you are entitled to certain exemptions and this enables you to keep your property.

Will I ever be able to own anything again?

Yes, you will be able to purchase items again.

Will I ever get credit again?

Yes, you will be able to get credit again

Will filing bankruptcy hurt my credit for 10 years?

No, It stays on your credit report for 10 years but does not prevent you from getting credit.

I am married do both of us have to file for bankruptcy?

No, both spouses do not have to file.

Is it really hard to file for bankruptcy?

No, You have certain information you have to provide to your attorney’s office and then the paperwork is prepared by them.

If I file for bankruptcy, will creditors still harass us?

No, Once the bankruptcy is filed the court enters an “Automatic Stay” and this prevents the creditors from any further contact.

Can I get rid of back taxes through a bankruptcy?

Yes, Some taxes are non-dischargable, but most taxes can be discharged through a bankruptcy.

Can I only file once for bankruptcy protection?

No, you can file multiple times, in the additional filings there are some additional steps that your attorney will have to take.

Can I pick and choose which debts and property I list in my bankruptcy?

No, you have to list all the debts you owe, there are certain debts that can be paid direct.

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